About Me

 Welcome to AngieCrystal.com,

When I first started this blogsite I started it under the pseudonym ‘Eigna’ [pronounced ig•nah bee-tee-dubs] which incase you’re wondering is just ‘Angie’ backwards!


There was a reason for this – for as long as I can remember I’ve loved to write and create (my mum definitely still has the novels from my tweens to prove it) but when you’re so passionate about something , sometimes the fear can cripple you! It was that same fear and reason that  I found anonymity to be my (cyber) safe haven – but just until I found my feet.

…& find my feet I did – it wasn’t until   four days ago recently  I decided enough was enough and I was going to let my passionate film buffing, fashion loving,  mouthy and opinionated flag fly high!

So here we are!

Maybe one day I’ll tell you guys the full story about how this came to be but ’til then?

You can call me Angie or Crystal if ya feel like! It’s all very confusing and can be attributed to my beautiful mother for instilling the choice to a child (no joke! I mean why ask me which name I preferred when I probably said anything that would have allowed me to get back to my uninterrupted viewing of Matilda for the 234455677th time!)

That being said –  welcome to the world of a twentysomething Essex-raised, London based creative!

When I’m not working, taking obnoxious snaps of food at restaurants and/or shameless selfies; you can find me with my head in the clouds ( I mean I live in London there’s plenty of them!) while I take long scenic walks , listening to  music and choreographing elaborate dance routines (obvz in my head !)

This space is for anyone who loves a good film, and a good read (is that cocky?) about the normal, dramatic and random emotions of life.

I hope you all love it and this creates some dialouge!

You can contact me here  & read some of my babblings here !


Angie xo


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