{friends, food & bantz}

For the most part that annoying Memories function on Snapchat (yes I still use it!) are an awkward mulling reminder of those you miss, can no longer stand and may or may not have deleted their number but on the odd occasion it does throw you a good one….

Below is an ‘excerpt’ (Can excerpt be a correct term to describe emotive ramblings uploaded onto social media? Can it really be considered a literary art form? Discuss. [20 marks]) I had posted on there about 2 years ago.

Now, though I can’t think of any right now – there are a few reasons I could have been all the way up, down and around the town in my feelings that day but if these sparkly gems of wisdom are the outcome then I’m quite happy to ride the journey!

Ironically friends, food and bants was the exact premise of my birthday plans last week. hmmmmmmmmm …..

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program folks.


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