decode ‘al-masih’ … if you cba

finally managed to complete ‘The Messiah’ on Netflix, after taking several breaks and I just have one question ….

Anyone able to tell me what I just watched, and why I still feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop ?! [But mind me crown, I’m tender-headed!]

I’ve never watched a show where they gave us so much character development and still told you absolutely nothing. What are we to do with all the information they provided and why did none of it actually connect ?

Someone? Anyone?

The only thing I can truly say it succeeded at was making American agencies look extremely smug, entitled and well – useless (no offence)

We may have to revisit this one, maybe it’s one that needs to marinate and will make sense after a little while. Perhaps this season’s main focus was to lay the foundation for the following one, but that’s a whole load of groundwork and by next year will anyone still care?

In the meantime here’s an article by Paul Tassi that eloquently echoes my frustrations and suspicions ….

& if you haven’t watched it yet, I wouldn’t bother. I’d personally like my 10 hours back or atleast a credit note.


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