The Hardest Part is Getting Started

Hi, so first encounters are very awkward yet pivotal things.

I don’t know any of you, and many you don’t think you know me. So why on earth should you stay?

Well this has been a long time coming (say five or six years to be more precise but hey whose counting!?) and  I’ve lost a lot of creativity by way of being too shy and chickenshxt to actually put the proverbial foot forward! But a lesson I learnt recently, very recently infact, is that life is way too short not to grab opportunity and life as hard as you can, when you can. (oh look a  prolonged and  extremely conspicuous cliché !)

So there are several things I want you (the ambiguous ‘you’  seeing as maybe no one – at all on this entire globe may actually be reading this) to know!

One: yes, Eigna is a pseudonym , I mean baby steps right?

(Update 03/03/18: I scrapped this. This is my passionate project so I’m just gonna own it. My name’s Angie Crystal, nice to meet ya!)

Two: You may be wondering why fashion and film, but the answer is pretty simple and maybe an eency bit arrogant; why not? Many will argue that the two have very much in common and that one influences the other. But in all honesty ? They are two subjects I feel I can be genuine about, that I have a sincere love for, so again why not?

Three: My taste in films are very varied, VERY. Be warned

Four:  I would give you the usual I’m your average girl in demeanour and attitude monologue – but well actually that’s a lie so instead I’ll settle for opinionated and creatively frustrated, and a little bit crazy but according to Alice ( in Wonderland) “all the best people are!” circa Tim Burton 2010, cheers for the affirmation Tim.

Four (a):  I’m young, ambitious and still learning

Five: I’ve written this whole entire post five times over, I must have serious anxiety issues ….

AND Lastly …..

….  like I said you can call me Angie, and this is a blog which I hope others will actually read , enjoy  and hopefully even be inspired by what I have to say. I’ve realised we tend to hide our talents, aspirations and  curtail our dreams. Often times we let our insecurities tell us we cannot do things, and that that creative fire inside us dwindles and extinguishes as time dredges on. Today I decided I was no longer going to let that happen.

So here’s to putting yourself out there,  to passion and joining the cult trend of blogging, here’s to new beginnings no longer being that hard. Fear and insecurities be damned!

Ps. It took me another year and a half to actually publish this; I’m not sure if my mantra’s more good things come to those who wait or more along the lines of I’m like mulled wine – I become  greater with age.  Truth is there’s nothing left to lose so welcome to my world I’m gonna give this bad boy everything I’ve got!

Angie xo



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