We [are] all rooting for YOU

It’s Christmas break – though I can’t be the only one who doesn’t think it’s felt like Christmas.

It’s the 30th of December and I’m still awaiting on the arrival of my Christmas Spirit, maybe her flight’s been delayed or her VISA was declined. It also doesn’t help that everyone and both of their ex-girlfriends have returned to Africa for the break. I mean I know I was in Nigeria literally a couple of months ago but I wish everyone would be considerate enough not to display their enjoyment with such fervence – have some compassion!

Anyway for those of us that bound to the rainy skies, and grey landscapes that is England something spectacular kindly chucked us a lifeline on Boxing Day … the arrival of the second season of You. What a better way to warm the hearth than a brand new series to binge.

If you don’t know what show I’m referring to, haven’t bothered to watch or are yet to conclude then maybe don’t carry on reading … no honestly. I won’t be held responsible for spoilers.

Controversial Opinion: I LOVE Joe Goldberg. Not in the creepy , follow you to your house watch through the window and kidnap your current boyf type of love. It’s more-so an appreciation that he’s damaged and has issues in recognising or respecting boundaries – to say the least.

Either there’s something wrong with us all or it’s the great writing that has us all aware he belongs behind bars, yet also rooting for each and every narrow escape despite being privy to the harrowing inner-workings of his dark mind.

It also makes you want to pay more attention to those nudges Google keeps sending you to set up your two-step security authentication, all at the very least reconsider making my instagram profile public.

[Also while we’re here can we also discuss the fact that I really don’t appreciate having a random conversation about unicorn flavoured cereal (for example) scrolling through the timeline and seeing an advert for fictional unicorn cornflakes within the hour – Instagram/Siri we’re aware of your alliance and we’re really not here for it.]

Anyway back to Will Bettleheim, I for one appreciate the constant plot twists and though I took issue with a few blunders (namely the amount of times the term ‘white privilege’ was mentioned either by white men abusing that privlege or by a serial killing sociopath that was alluding discovery because of said privilege – a paradox at it’s finest considering not one main character was a person of colour but one battle at a time sis) for the most part I had to celebrate alot of its wins.

Let’s be honest Love was a much worthy object of infatuation affection, than the miserable clueless damsel that was Guinevere Beck. Love Quinn was like many a woman multi-dimensional, the strongest member of her family, a backstory with convolutions and caveats like a real human being (let’s maybe not focus on that fact that she is a murderess right now)
A lot of people may not appreciate the left turn that episode 9 took, but I personally was so here for it. Why must she fawn and cry and be the helpless blonde victim. She had the same wiles as her other half if not more at her disposable. With her smarts, her money and her overwhelming and insatiable need to protect what she considers hers why not allow her to use that same privilege to make her as much of a formidable and dangerous force as Joe/Will.

Ps. upon discussion with my best friend I feel the inherent need to add that this is why men are mad (let’s just skip the part were all the men reading this feign righteous indignation, I will not be sliding you a soap box to mount. Soz.)
The genuine shock on Joe’s face when he realised that Love was not just beautiful and smart but also about that life. The sheer look of disgust and bewilderment at the fact that she, a woman could have the audacity to have a protective killer instinct that somewhat mirrored his own. Meanwhile his list of victims had grown in so much in number one could almost be forgiven for assuming it was a grocery shopping list [no shade Peaches].

Regardless, it does leave you wondering whether it is true unadulterated reciprocated love Joe is pining for or if he just is truly unhinged. Either way thanks for giving us something to fixate on whilst my counterparts are doing ‘Enjoyment Ambassador’ in West Africa.

You a real one Joe , you’s a real one.

Pss. I’ve just remembered I need to renew my passport.


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