hey guys,

Quick one from me before we go into the new year decade.

I’m restructuring this platform just in time for 2020.

On this ‘blog’ I’m now going to put in soundbites, random things, thoughts, notes – that are easy to digest and are for everyone and no one but most importantly, for myself.

I’m taking away the constructs, the pressure the preconceived notions. If I find something is worth writing about, if there’s something I want to say then it’ll go on here and I will publish regardless.

I want to publish screengrabs, that you guys can scroll through and laugh at on your devices, en route to work or the gym (this last one truly makes you a superior human, it’s December for christsake – what even is a gym !?)

look forward to hearing from those who embark on this liberating journey with me.

here’s to hoping we all learn together & last but not least …

…hoping you enjoy!


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