The Greatest Showman: All Soundtrack, No Substance?

It’s a rainy Sunday and a thousand and one ideas are buzzing around in my head as to what my next post should be about.

To quiet my thoughts I consider doing the one thing that usually calms me down – going for a walk but one look outside soon quells that idea! So instead I reach into my carefully collated To-Watch list. As I’m scrolling through I quickly filter out all the thrillers, horrors and such, it is still the Lord’s Day after all and I soon settle on the Christmas release of ┬áMichael Gracey’s semi-biopic ‘The Greatest Showman’ an easy enough watch. Armed with a cosy blanket and a tub of Magnum ice cream (white chocolate of course – honestly who ever would have thought putting the classic ice cream in a tub would be so life-changing !) Continue reading “The Greatest Showman: All Soundtrack, No Substance?”