The Greatest Showman: All Soundtrack, No Substance?

It’s a rainy Sunday and a thousand and one ideas are buzzing around in my head as to what my next post should be about.

To quiet my thoughts I consider doing the one thing that usually calms me down – going for a walk but one look outside soon quells that idea! So instead I reach into my carefully collated To-Watch list. As I’m scrolling through I quickly filter out all the thrillers, horrors and such, it is still the Lord’s Day after all and I soon settle on the Christmas release of ¬†Michael Gracey’s semi-biopic ‘The Greatest Showman’ an easy enough watch. Armed with a cosy blanket and a tub of Magnum ice cream (white chocolate of course – honestly who ever would have thought putting the classic ice cream in a tub would be so life-changing !) Continue reading “The Greatest Showman: All Soundtrack, No Substance?”

Another Black Girl Harping On about #BlackPanther

You guessed it, this is yet another blog post about Marvel’s or is it Disney’s ‘Black Panther’. Soz. Def not sorry.

But here’s where my post varies, unlike half of the girl’s yapping about it online, I have a genuine love for Marvel films in addition to being a black female. ¬†In short, Marvel never fails (aside from that Netflix ‘Iron Fist’ blunder, I mean what was that!?) and neither does a little bit of #MelaninMagic so it was bound to be a dynamic duo.

But let me clear something up real quick: Continue reading “Another Black Girl Harping On about #BlackPanther”

Public Service Announcement

Hey guys,

This post is quite a personal one but I just received a text message that brought on a wave of inspiration so here goes nothing …

I recently became single again, after being in a very tumultuous relationship for over two years, and here’s the issue all of a sudden I’ve completely forgotten how. I almost feel like I’m supposed to be with someone, just because of my age and culture. Plus when it comes down to it we all tend to crave companionship that sometimes our friends just can’t provide. Continue reading “Public Service Announcement”